Our Markets

Our products are found in food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing plants and labs around the world in which sanitary and high purity standards are paramount. We play a behind-the-scenes role, enabling producers of foods, beverages, medicines and moreā€¦to not just sustain life, but also to make life enjoyable.


From the food in the refrigerator and pantry at home to the meal delivered to the front door, to the sit-down dinner at a restaurant, to the meal kit on the doorstep, to the drive-through order on-the-go, to the lunch in the school cafeteria, to the snack picked up at the convenience store, we equip the producers of the foods enjoyed in everyday life.


From the gallon of milk in the refrigerator to the juice box in the lunch bag, to the bottled water in the vending machine, to the glass of wine on the table, to the beer in the brew pub tank, to the sports drink at the gym, to the to-go coffee in the cupholder, we equip the producers of the beverages enjoyed in everyday life.


From the bottle of pills in the medicine cabinet to the prescription from the pharmacy, to the skin cream in the tube, to the anesthesia in the operating room, to the pain reliever in the first-aid kit, we equip the producers of medicines used in everyday life.


From the insulin in the portable pump to the vaccine being developed in the lab, to nutrient supplements in the vitamin aisle, to the biofuel in the tank, we equip the producers of biotech products used in everyday life.

Data Center Cooling

From Coolant Distribution Units (CDU's) to in-row and in-rack manifolds, we are a leading provider of stainless steel components and hoses for liquid cooling systems that cool the data centers used in everyday life.


From the chip in a mobile phone to the control module in a car, to the CPU in televisions, digital cameras, LED lightbulbs and more, we equip the producers of semiconductors used in everyday life.